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Pneumatic Waste Conveying System (PWCS) Home Solution Pneumatic Waste Conveying System (PWCS)
PWCS is a combination of gravity chutes for vertical transportation and pneumatic conveying for horizontal movement. In this hybrid system, it provides users with ease of clearing waste generated from the source to the collection area for final disposal.

The vertical gravity chute comprises of designated throw points at individual level to allow cleaner to discard waste into the chute system.

Discharge valves with waste storage purpose found at the bottom of the vertical chute, collect the waste and emptied them systematically, one at a time at regular interval to the assigned refuse station via the horizontal pipe network. The air that is carried along with the waste, exit out from the station, through the dust and deodorizing filters for air treatment before it is release to the surrounding.

It is a good waste management solution to enhance the environment with clean and improved indoor air quality.

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